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Passion Rules the Game

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

It’s been almost half a century since my first crush on plastic scale model kits.

Back in 1972 I was given my very first simple kit by a distant uncle as a gift during our family visit to his grocery store somewhere in Hong Kong Island. It was the stationery store next to theirs who were carrying these wonderful items -with colorful printed box arts and intriguing subject contents (cars, ships, planes etc.) which was really an eye-opener for a kid of three to be simply just there, let alone having able to get his hands on any of them! With a limited budget in mind just to hold off the strong desire of this kid however, it was one of the cheapest kits there I finally got offered with which costed my uncle HK$1.20 (US$1 = HK$5.65 circa 1972). But back then any spending other than basic necessities of living were considered unnecessary for average grass-root families. I was therefore extremely thrilled for whatever it was as long as I had that precious gift.

It was a mini non-scale Ultra Hawk 001 used by T.D.F. from the ever-famous Ultra Seven sci-fi TV series (it was quite essential for boys back in the days to have items like water bottles/canteen with Ultraman prints on, or at least had some sticker pads of the same theme in possession, although I’m sure most were marketed without official license). Over the years the same kit was reissued a couple of times and I had fetched one issued by Bandai some 15 years ago for the obvious nostalgic reason (original release could have been a Bullmark or Midori kit which I really cannot recall).

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